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Is Testosterone replacement therapy safe?

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Is Testosterone replacement therapy safe?

YES!  As we age, we start producing less of our sex hormones. The decline of these sex hormones is what often contributes to symptoms including brain fog, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, poor sleep, lack of motivation, joint and muscle aches, weight gain/inability to lose weight, mood changes and vaginal symptoms.

Historically, there has been very few studies on the safety of testosterone replacement, making it a very “gray” area as far as treatment and comfort levels of many providers in offering it as a therapy.  A new study out of The New England Journal of Medicine, July 13, 2023 titled “Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone – Replacement Therapy” studied the cardiovascular safety of testosterone replacement therapy.  The study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that concluded that in middle-aged and older men with hypogonadism and preexisting or high risk of cardiovascular disease, there was not an increased incidence of major adverse cardiac events in those men taking testosterone replacement vs. placebo.

Testosterone therapy can have other potential side effects and that’s why it’s important to find a qualified provider to monitor for these potential side effects. Many of the potential side effects can be managed with appropriate dosing and monitoring.

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